House Moving Tips

We all know that moving can be a stressful time, please view our handy moving tips to help you make the whole process a little easier.

-  Always use a company that has the correct insurance. If you don’t then there would be no way to re-coup your

    losses on any potentially damaged goods.


-  Don’t leave everything to the last minute, make sure to plan ahead.


-  Start with rooms that you use the least.


-  Set aside your fragile items and bubble wrap them. Mark these boxes as fragile.


-  Don’t overload your boxes, ensure that they are all under 30 pounds.


-  Pack rooms down into the same boxes and make sure they are correctly labelled.


-  Have a clear out, take some time to get rid of any unwanted items.


-  Dispose of hazardous materials or ensure that they are packed correctly and in an individual boxes.


-  Pack an essential box or overnight bag so you have your necessary items on hand when you move in.


-  Always pack heavier items in small boxes and light items in larger boxes.


-  Contact your utilities companies, banks, doctors or anybody who needs to know your changing address.


-  Get your mail redirected.






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